Manganiyar Seduction
Foundation Stage
Gratte Ciel
Angus Watt Flags
Global Village
Colour of Time 2019
2018 Stage 1
Foundation Stage
WoMade Design Market
2018 Centre Tree


The World’s Festival

While technology shrinks our world & continents and cultures seem to be drifting further apart, WOMADelaide – over four idyllic days in the oasis of Botanic Park - expands our cultural horizons and bring us closer to our global neighbours.

The universal languages of music arts & dance are central to the eclectic riches to be found through performances, children’s programming, thought provoking talks culinary experiences, visual arts and site-specific events in an immersive, multi‐faceted and luminescent festive experience.

Simultaneously traditional and forward-looking, WOMADelaide is a much-anticipated and unforgettable event without equal on the national calendar.


WOMADelaide is produced and presented by the WOMADelaide Foundation and managed by Arts Projects Australia and WOMAD (World Of Music Arts & Dance). Presented in association with the Government of South Australia.