We Will Slam You With Our Wings
We Will Slam You With Our Wings
We Will Slam You With Our Wings
We Will Slam You With Our Wings

We Will Slam You With Our Wings - Joanna Dudley (AUS)

An operatic video installation for an army of six girls and one war mistress.

We have been shown that a new order is paramount.
These girls may just help take us there.

WE WILL SLAM YOU WITH OUR WINGS is a video and sound installation comprising of seven portrait sized screens. Each screen depicts a 19th century imperialistic portrait with one noticeable difference. Instead of the lavish depiction of men, a young girl between the age of 8 to 16 stands in her own frame, in her own regalia and holding her own stance of power. The young girls combined are the leaders, the army, the chorus, the pack, the collective and the future voice. Joanna Dudley, the performer known for her ground-breaking collaborations with William Kentridge, is the chieftain and mentor, encouraging the girls to take autonomy over their own voices and to create the world afresh.

The hunted becomes the hunter, the tamed controls, and the dying beauty takes her own revenge.

Creation and Sound Composition by Joanna Dudley
Collaborator & Projection Design by Catherine Meyburgh

Set and Installation Design by Rufus Didwiszus
Costume Design by Janosch Mallwitz
Sound Design & Final Mix by Adam Howard

Digital Colourist - C.A. Van Aswegen

Performances by
Beatrix Juno Dudley
Tabatha Howard
Kittu Hoyne
Esmé Olive Mcgrath
Ruth Alice McIlleron
Mpho Takane
and Joanna Dudley

Images:  Dudley/Meyburgh



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Funding Archangel

Brenda R. Potter