The Red Shoes

Kneehigh Theatre - The Red Shoes

Red shoes. Don't you just love them? They make you dance with delight and spin with possibilities. Your tapping toes teeter on the top of the world. But what happens when you can't stop dancing? What happens when you lose your footing? Would you dare to turn to the butcher to rid you of your heart-stoppingly beautiful red shoes?

That's just what our desperate heroine is compelled to do... The acclaimed Kneehigh bring you a cracked cabaret where anything is possible and nothing is probable. Surreal and sensuous, bloody and bare - the menacing and profound world of the fairy story is revealed.

Adapted from Hans Christian Andersen this freshly revived production of The Red Shoes is passionate, irreverent, funny and rude. This award-winning piece fuses live and recorded sound, visually and physically powerful images and a story to make your heart pound.

A story in one act for adults and very brave children.

Presented by the Sydney Festival and Perth Festival by arrangement with Arts Projects Australia.