Dual Skeleton

Stephanie Lake / Larissa McGowan - Dual / Skeleton

Presented as part of Big Island / Small Island - "Bringing the hottest dance from Australia to Ireland"

Lake and McGowan are two of Australia’s rising stars, Lake emerging from Melbourne’s Chunky Move and Lucy Guerin Inc., McGowan from Australian Dance Theatre and Sydney Dance Company.

Dual is a puzzle that fuses jagged yet slippery pieces. Two solos are performed one after the other. Although distinct and unrelated, the solos are then interlocked to create an arresting duet. Dual asks questions about individuality and what is sacrificed as well as heightened by a union.

Skeleton reveals a set of characters who discover the hidden stories of pop-cultural icons from the high heel to the BMX bike. Meeting surprising and violent ends, bodies and objects collide via a sinister vanishing screen. McGowan’s fascination with the skeletal form results in a work that cuts to the quick with articulate physicality, acute strength and a cracking choreographic pace.