Nemesis (UK)

Australian Premiere

Presented by Arts Projects Australia in association with the 2006 Adelaide Bank Festival of Arts, supported by British Council, Australia.

Making their long awaited Australian debut, Wayne McGregor's Random Dance Company has been at the forefront of British contemporary dance for over 10 years. His dynamic company is known for collaborating with cutting-edge multi-disciplinary artists and their distinctive company trademarks of highly original work, futuristic aesthetics and remarkable dancers have catapulted Random into international recognition.

Nemesis was born through an explosive partnership with digital media creators working at the top of their fields including animatronics designed by Jim Henson's Creature Workshop, and explores the relationship between body, screen and machine - extraterrestrial dance meets reality TV. Nemesis draws on McGregor's lifelong interest in technology, and extends his already remarkable choreographic vocabulary with the use of mechanical prostheses worn by dancers, lending them a mysterious and beautiful menace.

Random represents young British culture at its most vibrant, and features music by SCANNER.