A new play by Mark Doherty with Original Music by Jim Doherty. 

Standards always seem to be falling. Things were better once, simpler… people had respect...Trad, a short but epic voyage, follows the relationship of a one hundred year old Irishman and his father, in a surreal comedy that looks at the value of tradition.

In Trad, Doherty bequeaths his voice to two characters with a heady mixture of irreverence, bitterness and bewilderment; Da, an ancient widower who has lived longer than any man should, and his 100-year-old son, Thomas. Da, (Frankie McCafferty), hates the English and is disappointed in his son for failing to become a father himself. Thomas, (Peter Gowen), meanwhile, has news for him; some 70 years ago, during a wordless encounter with a girl known to him only as "Mary", he did his bit to further the family line, and there's a possibility of a son of his out there, somewhere…