Ludovico Einaudi - Credit @the.cwolf Joshua San

Sidney Myer Music Bowl - Credit @the.cwolf Joshua San

Ludovico Einaudi - Credit @sydneyoperahouse, @10thletterau2

Sydney Opera House - Credit @sydneyoperahouse, @10thletterau2

Ludovico Einaudi - Credit @sydneyoperahouse, @10thletterau33

Sydney Opera House - Credit @sydneyoperahouse, @10thletterau2

Ludovico Einaudi

The wait is over. After a string of acclaimed new music, and billions of TikTok views, Italian contemporary classical composer Ludovico Einaudi is heading back to Australia.

From his earliest work composing for theatre and ballet in the 1980s to his multi-million-selling albums like In a Time Lapse and his popular soundtracks across film and television, Einaudi has drawn upon neo-classical, pop, ambient, rock and experimental styles to create a sound that crosses boundaries and generations, becoming the world’s best known – and most streamed – classical music artist in the process. He has performed on an Arctic ice-floe for Greenpeace, and has seen his music become the soundtrack for Oscar and Golden Globe winning films (Les Intouchables, Nomadland, The Father) and TikTok phenomena (his 2012 track “Experience” exploded on the app) alike.

In 2022, Einaudi released Underwater, his first solo piano record in 20 years, played sold-out shows across Europe and the UK, and was named Best Classical Artist at the 2023 Global Awards.

Don’t miss your chance to catch a classical composer who transcends both genre and generation.