A song of good and evil
A Song of Good and Evil
A Song of Good and Evil
A song of Good and Evil
A Song of Good and Evil

East West Street: A Song of Good and Evil

An acclaimed literary and musical performance on the theme of Justice.

Presented & written by Philippe Sands

Performed by
Philippe Sands – Narrator
Katja Riemann - Narrator
Laurent Naouri - Bass Barritone
Guillaume de Chassy - Pianist

Philippe Sands' A Song of Good and Evil offers new insights into the conflict and connections between three men at the heart of the Nuremberg trial - Cambridge academic Hersch Lauterpacht, Polish prosecutor Raphael Lemkin, and Hitler's lawyer Hans Frank - with music that crossed the courtroom to connect prosecutors and defendant.

This extraordinary work – part a literary reading, part semi-staged concert presentation created by Philippe Sands, involves Philippe taking on the role of one ‘narrator’ accompanied by two outstanding musicians - Guillaume de Chassy & Laurent Naouri (baritone), with the extraordinary German actress Katja Riemann – as the second narrator.

Philippe Sands is Professor of Law at University College London and a barrister at Matrix Chambers. He specializes in international law and has appeared before most international courts and tribunals around the world, including the World Court and the International Criminal Court of Justice. He is recognized as one of the worlds leading human rights lawyers, often involved in cases on crimes against humanity and genocide.

His books include Lawless World (2005) and Torture Team (2008). Both of which have been the subjects of staged productions. His articles have appeared in many publications, including Vanity Fair, the New York Review of Books, the Financial Times and the Guardian. A Song of Good & Evil draws on material from his next book, to be published by Alfred Knopf in 2016, part of a quartet of works.