Mobile Sewing Club

Mobile Sewing Company (Netherlands)

This is your chance to get your clothes customised, jazzed-up, decorated, beautified and re-evaluated! After demonstrating their incredible talent for personalising clothes for thousands all over the world, the improvising seamstresses of the Mobile Sewing Company are hitting Australia. Passers-by take off their clothes and allow ‘travelling tailors’ Karin Arts and Marieke Biegman to make a few theatrical alterations – a unique memento from the Festival.

There’s only one catch. Power for the vintage sewing machines is generated by two bicycles – pedalled by you of course!

Skilled seamstresses Karin Arts and Marieke Biegman create a unique performance art medium - interactive couture - by having audience members offer their clothes for adaptation with elaborate decoration. The sewers use bikes as their means of transport and to power their sewing machines, with the audience doing the pedalling.