The Society

Jo Strømgren Kompani - The Society

Prepare yourself for a tempest in a tea cup… or rather, a coffee cup.

The Society portrays a collective of sworn coffee drinkers, utterly devoted to the rituals and elitism of the dark bean. When their harmony is broken by the discovery of (gasp!) a used tea bag hidden in their guarded sanctuary, loyalties are severely tested.

Created by Norway's celebrated and highly original Jo Strømgren Kompani, this true theatre hybrid sees three multi-skilled actors indulge in a nonsensical language, masterful physical comedy, impromptu dance, intense French ballads and even lip-synching. Like any great satire, no –ism is safe, as elitism, patriotism, individualism and racism all become fodder for obliteration.

A small play with big ideas that leaves you surprised, amused and even a little shell-shocked.