Grupo Corpo Parabelo


Artistic Director Paulo Pederneiras
Choreographies by Rodrigo Pederneiras

Drawing on urban and rural folk styles, this distinctly Brazilian contemporary dance company combines the grace and technique of ballet with the raw vitality of swaying limbs, sexy swagger and pulsating rhythms. For the 2012 Festival they present two strikingly visual and spirited performances.

Onqotô is a hypnotic and boisterous creation set to the Latin sounds of Brazilian superstars Caetano Veloso and José Miguel Wisnik. Mixing wit with spectacle, dancers explore the origins of life, society and tribalism - revelling in the sensuality of pure dance. In Parabelo dancers stamp their feet and shake their hips in a fast-paced exploration of Brazil's many traditional communities. Movements evolve and change, ranging from romantic duets to a free-wheeling indulgence in the Carnival spirit.