A Little More Light

Groupe F - A Little More Light

Seven bridges exploding into streams of lava. Rockets radiating from the Eiffel Tower. Human fireballs dancing in a shower of light. These are just three jaw-dropping examples of the theatre of fire created by French pyrotechnic artists, Groupe F, for events that include the 2004 Athens Olympics, the 1998 French World Cup, the Paris millennium celebrations and the New Year's Eve festivities in London.

Created by company founder, Christophe Berthonneau and Groupe F, A Little More Light will banish the night for 45 unforgettable minutes with a free show in Victoria Park for the opening of the Adelaide Festival beyond any pyro display ever before witnessed in South Australia. In this spectacular, rockets paint the sky with multi-coloured light and intricate pictures while on the ground, performers play to the crowds in a veil of sparks. It's part techno and part primeval. Take a blanket, take the family and take your places to see the pyrotechnic magic.