Gotan Project

Gotan Project (France)

The ultimate in tango-cool, at the core of this hip Paris-based outfit are a trio of stylish caballeros who swear that they can't dance. But onstage French DJ Philippe Cohen-Solal, Swiss programmer Christoph H Mueller and Argentinian guitarist Eduardo Makaroff and their band of seven create the perfect blend of nostalgic techno-tango.

Drawing on the classic styles of iconic past masters like Carlos Gardel and composer Astor Piazzolla, Gotan update the genre for the new millennium, adding their own chilled rhythms, graceful orchestrations and electronic nuances to the modern mix.

With their live performances enhanced by projected footage of vintage tango ballrooms and big bands' Gotan Project's compelling contemporary soundtracks are part salon-sophisticated, part street-cred funky, and truly a joy to behold.