Goran Bregovic
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"I grew up in a neighbourhood in Sarajevo where time was measured by the bells of the catholic church nearby, by those of the orthodox church and by the muezzin’s prayer invocations. 
Since then all my life and all my music have been marked by the wealth of these different chants.
My wish is that this privilege be a natural right for all children. May these three letters be my invocation for peace, and may it be heard."

Goran Bregović


Quite a few musicians would be content with only a fragment of Goran Bregovic’s career. Contemporary composer, traditional musician or rock star, he did not have to choose – he took it all to invent a music that is both universal and unmistakably his own.


Very few musicians have managed to develop an art of such amplitude that coherently mixes together such a great variety of styles and techniques without losing its identity.  A Bregovic piece can be recognized on the very first hearing and seems to address the whole Earth with no distinction of race, sex, age or religion.  


Benjamin Minimum (Mondomix)


Planning a return tour to Australia in 2019 and to continue the "Balkan Party"!   Get your dancing shoes ready and come hear his outcry "if you don't go crazy, you're not normaaal!"