Dancing on your grave

The Cholmondeleys and Festherstonehaughs - Dancing On Your Grave

A five-piece troupe of deceased and downtrodden music hall artistes take you on a tour through performers’ purgatory.  With live music written and performed by composer Steve Blake and Nigel Burch, a ukulele-bashing minstrel from The Flea Pit Orchestra, this deliciously funny production is a cabaret-style theatre act with a devilish twist.

“Toe-tapping epitaphs, spectral harmonies & bone-rattling banjoleles” are all part of Dancing on your Grave’s deadly delights. Determined and resolute, the performers dance and sing their way through manic banjo tunes, resplendent with gruesomely witty lyrics. Styled to look like “vaudeville zombies” with a touch of glamour thrown in, the marvelously maudlin cast will take you on a wholly entertaining trek beyond the grave.

This award-winning company has performed at a myriad of weird and wonderful venues—from large and small theatres to bridges and beaches. They’ve also performed at the Tate Modern and Glastonbury. Don’t miss out on this fantastically fatal production. “You won’t rest in peace until you see this.”