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Cirque Alfonse - BARBU

Bold, absurd, and sexy as hell, BARBU conjures a strange and wonderful world, fusing traditional and contemporary circus with a beautiful irreverence. Performed by one of the world's greatest circus companies – Canada's Cirque Alfonse – BARBU delivers edge-of-your-seat entertainment that is at once hilarious, audacious, surreal and spectacular.

Canada’s Cirque Alfonse plays dangerously with the borders of modern circus and is THE circus rave party this summer, BARBU Electro Trad Cabaret displays a cheeky sense of humour and brazen eccentricity with political correctness deftly brushed aside. Strong bearded men in briefs skid around on roller skates and stunning burlesque girls are driven into frenzy by the turbulent sounds of the alluring but alarming live electro-trad band.

Cirque Alfonse conjures strange, wonderful worlds that straddle old fashions with a keen modern edge, daring to stray dangerously close to the precipice, BARBU is a mad circus fusing the traditional and the contemporary with joyous exuberance.