Circolombia 2

Circolombia - URBAN (Colombia)

URBAN is a freestyle portrait of a society, incorporating both joy and violence, where dance and music are the safety valves of everyday life. It features the best of the Colombian National circus school Circo Para Todos.

Weaving a tapestry of personal stories, of rhythm and groove, this is the soundtrack of life and death itself. A true narrative of the streets of Cali, URBAN is based on the lives of the young cast; telling the world what its like in their reality, through their eyes, ears, and voices.

URBAN is a tale of confrontation and redemption, of gangs and individual freedom, of poetics and cruelty. Infused with live reggaeton and volcanic, wild, but perfectly mastered acrobatics – above all it shows that with passion and dedication you really can touch the stars.

2013 Adelaide Fringe Award Winner -
2013 Adelaide Fringe Award Nominee - BEST CIRCUS & PHYSICAL THEATRE
2013 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award Winner (Week One) - CIRCUS & PHYSICAL THEATRE