Blank Page

Blank Page / Page Blanche - Luc Amoros Theatre Company

A spectacular performance piece accompanied by live music in which live paintings are created, destroyed and then recreated. Huge stretched canvases over large scaffolding are covered with pictures painted or carved - a collective fresco.

“Blank Page starts with music.  Jerome Fohrer, the double-bass player, gives an A.  In front of him seven actors start to sing before climbing onto the scaffolding for twenty minutes of “gestures, images and narrative to restore charm to the city”.  A first layer of black paint is applied to the frames quickly turned round to become white, then black again, to illustrate a magnificent blank page on which a story forms to the rhythm beat out by Jerome Fohrer’s hands on the double bass and the enchanting voices of the singers.” - Julien Delattre, Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace

 A production for the general public in a large venue – indoor or out.