Beowulf: The Blockbuster

In the grand tradition of Irish storytelling, this poignant one-man extravaganza shows that heroism can come not only from cheating death but through facing it.

A clever transformation of the epic Old English poem Beowulf becomes the vehicle through which a dying man tries to explain to his young son that all heroes can’t survive all battles. Roaring tales of heroes slaying dragons and monsters are translated across generations with into the language of Star Wars and blockbuster Hollywood movies with humor, sorrow, wit and warmth.

This one man “tour-de-force” (New York Times Critics’ Pick) is an utterly compelling, poignant and charismatic performance from award-winning actor, and one of Ireland’s most skilled performers, Bryan Burroughs.

Supported by Culture Ireland as part of the Ireland 2016 Centenary Program and APA’s Irish Theatre Showcase