Peter Brook - 11 and 12

C.I.C.T / Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord - 11 & 12 by peter Brook

How can a theological discussion around the hidden meaning of two numbers lead inexorably to a massacre?

The story of 11 and 12 catches the breath of everyone who hears it, especially as it is true. How can one grain of sand, one prayer-bead, block the administration of an entire African country?

Amadou Hampaté Bâ, the great African writer, tells how his teacher in a small town in Mali, Tierno Bokar, is caught up in an epic struggle against hatred and violence within his own family, his clan, his people fomented by the colonial powers dominating his country.

This adaptation brings to the stage a unique narrative in which religion, politics, understanding and prejudice constantly intervene. It is tragic and mercilessly comic, full of sharp insights into the struggles of the past which resonate ever more strongly today.