Kronos Quartet 2009

Kronos Quartet (USA)

For more than 30 years, San Francisco's Kronos Quartet—David Harrington, John Sherba (violins), Hank Dutt (viola) and Jeffrey Zeigler (cello)—has pursued a singular artistic vision, combining a spirit of fearless exploration with a commitment to expanding the range and context of the string quartet. In the process, Kronos has become one of the most celebrated and influential ensembles of our time; garnering numerous awards, performing thousands of concerts worldwide and releasing more than 45 recordings of extraordinary breadth.

"As an ensemble, they play with impeccable polish; even their discords strike you as elegant." - The Age

Charismatic and highly adventurous, Kronos Quartet return to Sydney Opera House & the Melbourne Recital Hall to demolish traditional music barriers with the world premiere of Music from 4 Fences by acclaimed Australian composer Jon Rose 'MUSIC FROM 4 FENCES; together with works by J.G Thiriwell, Ramallah underground and Aleksandra Vrebalov & Hanna Kulenty.

A hypnotic sonic and visual experience; you’ll be seduced by the atmospheric music, throbs and drones celestially coaxed from wire and metal, whilst immersed within a range of images of the fences as they are projected around the stage in real-time.