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Compagnie Philippe Genty

Inner Landscapes

Philippe Genty Company is pleased to announce their new show, Inner Landscapes. Based on life, dreams and travels of Philippe Genty, this new visual show is the perfect signature and traditional esthetic identity of the company.

Inner Landscapes is a poetry odyssey for seven actors and dancers. They travel across Philippe Genty’s memories and dreams: they fly, speak with giant flowers, hatch from a shifting ground, dance with a moon. There will be a strange siren, houses burning, characters that appear and disappear.

There will be puppets, dance, stabbing music, video, tears, humour and poetry, all serving this new visual show, this new artistic travel, these wonderful Inner Landscapes.

“Through images I speculate, from dreams to metaphors, and ridiculous humour; Inner Landscapes is a journey. A journey of a man who, through images, puppets, dance and music, shares with us images from his inside journey, of a world mixed with the sublime, terrifying and poetical. When Actes Sud published two years ago my personal odyssey, I decided to give substance and images to a life achievement. At the crossroads of my dreams, my travels and my fantasies, Inner Landscapes is a virtual poem for seven actors and puppets.” (Philippe Genty)


Written and directed by: Philippe Genty

With the participation of: Mary Underwood
Musical creation: René Aubry
Direction assistance: Eric Lambla de Sarria, Nancy Rusek
Light design and general coordination: Thierry Caperan
Video images: Jean-Luc Tourne
Technical director on tour and lighting director: Christophe Chaupin
Special effects and stage coordination: Didier Carlier, Christophe Roch, Jean-Luc Tourne, Patrick Muzard
Video and sound director: Emmanuel Ramaux
With (puppeteer/dancers): Amador Artiga (Spain), Maja Bekken (Norway), Balázs Jerger (Hungary), Scott Koehler (Australia), Simon Rann (Australia), Madeleine Fredstad Roseth (Norway)