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Vertical Influences

The virtuosity of award-winning figure skating joyfully meets the attitude of street dance and the sophistication of contemporary performance. Rising stars Le Patin Libre are creating a new kind of ice dancing, far beyond the confines of traditional figure skating. There are no sparkles, no stereotypes, and no fuzzy animal costumes. An all-ages spectacle of dizzying spins, spiraling arabesques, and maximum fun.

Five performers turn their backs on sequins and scorecards in favour of adrenaline-pumping athletics and theatrical sophistication. The breathtaking momentum of the skating body combined with the freedom of the choreographic imagination results in forms untethered by gravity, like lightning over a frozen lake.

Canada’s Le Patin Libre is the only company in the world to realise the possibilities opened up to contemporary dance when a pair of ice-skates enters the frame. The results will exhilarate.

Influences explores the relationship between individuals and the groups they belong to. Despite bullying, individualism, and rivalry, a group experiencing obvious tensions evolves toward a new harmony. In Vertical, the spectators sit right on the ice and the skaters fly by so close that they literally move the air around the audience. Together, the two pieces make for a fresh and joyous experience.