My Rock

Jean-Claude Gallotta - MY ROCK

Rock and contemporary dance started life in the same country and at the same time : the United States in the early 1950s. However these two movements have never crossed paths, with Elvis Presley in Memphis and Merce Cunningham in New-York.

Jean-Claude Gallotta, who grew up with these two movements and who was naturally inspired by both, set himself the task of bringing about this long-overdue meeting and provoking a "rockagraphical" shock with those who motivated him creatively, from Elvis to the Rolling Stones, from Bob Dylan to the Who, from the Velvet Underground to Nick Drake, from Iggy Pop to the Clash, and from Leonard Cohen to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain...

MY ROCK, which had only been viewed privately a decade ago as a type of work in progress is today being produced as a full show. It comprises around 15 short sequences danced to tracks taken from classic albums from the history of rock, combined with commentary from the choreographer to place each performer in context.