dUMMY (Germany)

An exceptional, creative team working with directors Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst have produced a dynamic work of art that sets new standards in both technical and design accomplishments that have certainly never been seen before on a German stage.

The renowned artist Frieder Weiss has created numerous new interactive video designs that merge organically with the overall artistic presentation, to stunning effect. The new, specially composed live soundtrack is a collaboration between Berlin-based music producer and singer Reecode and the Australian composer and cellist Lih-Qun Wong. With this sound mash-up, DUMMY shows how contemporary circus should be done and how the traditional boundaries between genres can be overcome.

Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst have worked with an unbelievably talented and top-flight cast to create seamless staging that makes the relationships, the interplay between human and puppet at once both touching and surprising.Astonished, we may ask ourselves: can we always be sure who is the dummy?


Directors: Eike von Stuckenbrok and Markus Pabst

Interactive video design: Frieder Weiss

Musik: Reecode & Lih-Qun Wong

Stage design/Costume design: Daniele Drobny