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Compagnie Carabosse

Compagnie Carabosse is a collective of artists, conceptualisers, scenarists, actors, constructors, musicians, inventors, visual artists, all of them poets of Do It Yourself.

They are a street art company and for over fifteen years have taken over public areas on different continents, and fight for an area of liberty open to everyone.  Just as there shows are.

Setting fire in a public space, while guaranteeing free circulation, making it vibrate with the closeness of their work to the spectator, this brings out a sense of humanity where we don't expect to feel it, transforming the scale of things, re-shaping perspectives, evokes the human need for the poetical....

The way their creations are written, an dthe many different ways they play with them, offers an outlook on the world full of claims, of war cries, of tenderness, of humour and of freedom.

The poetry of their shows and installation-shows are aimed at everyone and makes thousands of spectators welcome: their creations explore scene-setting on a massive scale - a whole town, a district, a park - while the playing of actors favours deep human encounter.

The companies artistic offerings are he fruit of collective writing and play in many a country around the world.  Currently very rich in artistic collaborations, their work takes two main directions:

  • The conception of passionate works, unique and ephemeral, on very different scales designed to be easily adapted to radically different settings and contexts;
  • The creation of street shows whose scenography, often on a large scale, nevertheless makes space for the human, for his dreams, his utopian ideas and his rights which are too often forgotten, neglected or frankly scorned.