This Beach Munich 2 (c) Gabriela Neeb_0

Brokentalkers - This Beach

"Too much empathy is like using sunbeds to get a tan. You'll look good in front of your friends but eventually, it will kill you" 

On a private beach, a family celebrates a wedding, They give speeches about ancestry, heredity and the need to protect themselves from the impending threat of an invading force. 

During the celebration, a stranger is washed up on the shore and the family must decide how to deal with this new arrival to their shore. 

Written in response to the global refugee crisis, This Beach is a blistering satire of white privilege, fear of outsiders and the lengths people will go to create barriers to entry to their land.

Show Information

Duration 70 minutes. 

Written and Directed by Feidlim Cannon and Gary Keegan. 

Co-Produced by Goethe Institute, Munich Kammerspiele and Dublin Fringe Festival.

Brokentalkers are Project Artists, An Initiative of Project Arts Centre.